Depending on your specific needs, one or more of the following services may be incorporated into your treatment:


We are different from most physical therapy offices. Your entire visit is always one-on-one with your physical therapist, not an assistant or an aide. We want to make the best use of your time and give you the best possible treatment.

Your initial consultation will focus on identifying the main CAUSE of your problem. Under our care, we will work to resolve the source of your problem. We don't want to treat the pain just so you can feel better today, we want you to feel better forever! We go far beyond your average physical therapy. Our detailed analysis will assess your biomechanics, posture, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination throughout your entire body, not just in the area of pain. Commonly, weakness or restriction of movement elsewhere in the body will be the main cause of your pain.

Based on your evaluation findings, you will be given strengthening and stretching exercises to improve your alignment, reduce joint compression and pain. You will learn how to do these exercises at home or work to alleviate your problem. We understand you have a busy life! We will design an exercise program to improve your problem in just a few minutes per day. Pilates and yoga-based exercise programs may be incorporated into your prescribed routine to improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. You will also learn how to reduce stress!


You are what you eat and absorb! One of the main differences you will experience under our care is the individual, personalized assessment of your condition. Natural medicine emphasizes the fact that everyone's body is different. Some patients wonder why they struggle with digestive or other health problems though they are eating "healthy" foods. While some foods and nutrients may be well tolerated by one person, they may not be digested well by another. Many people are surprised that some of their favorite foods are the source of their health problems. Additionally, many foods are often advertised as healthy, but they create significant negative effects on our well-being. Based on findings of your initial evaluation, foods and nutritional supplements that are appropriate for YOU will be recommended.


Comprehensive blood, hair, stool, urine and saliva testing are often utilized to assess imbalances or inflammation. These tests reveal functional metabolic problems in your body, far beyond the standard tests you have probably received in the past. You will receive a detailed analysis of your tests, as well as specific methods to improve your health. Keep in mind, just because you have previously been told your bloodwork is "within normal range," this does not mean your body is functioning at its optimal level. Actually, many of our patients have been through the conventional medical system and arrive frustrated because they have been told "there is nothing wrong with you". Many of our patients have already tried prescription medication and do not feel any better. Others are taking prescription medication but are worried about the long term side effects of these drugs. After a thorough evaluation, we can often detect the main cause of the problem. We will work on really healing your problem, not just cover it up with drugs.


Acupuncture is a 3,000 year-old branch of holistic Eastern medicine that has been used to help millions of people find health and wellness by activating the natural, self-healing abilities of the body.

Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles in specific points on the body to balance the flow of the body’s energy (Qi). Acupuncture needles are very thin, thereby permitting a nearly painless insertion. You may feel some heaviness, distention, or tingling around the needle. Treatment takes approximately one hour.


Often, for minor health concerns, concentrated nutrients & lifestyle modifications may improve your condition tremendously. However, there are instances in which a person may need more support, or are looking to resolve their problem in a shorter period of time. Herbal medicine can often allow a person to address the symptoms and underlying imbalances simultaneously. Unlike prescription medications that merely cover up symptoms, and often cause deleterious side effects, the use of herbal medicine may improve your health long term.

Traditional herbal medicine has been in use for over 3,000 years. There are over 7,000 herbs identified and about 400 of these are commonly used in the United States. Herbal formulas treat a variety of ailments and are an essential adjunct to any acupuncture treatment. Herbal & nutritional supplements and changes in your diet may alleviate or eliminate your ailment. An herbal & dietary prescription will be formulated specifically for your needs.


Cupping is a Traditional Chinese treatment that uses suctioned glass cups on the skin. Cupping is excellent for reducing back and neck pain, improving circulation and digestion, and reducing muscle spasms and stress. This treatment is also used to improve the body’s ability to ward off a cold and expel phlegm once a cold has set in. Cupping is typically combined with an acupuncture treatment, but may be done alone.


Moxabustion utilizes traditional herbs to warm acupuncture points. The herbs are held over multiple acupuncture points until a warm sensation is perceived. This treatment is especially beneficial for arthritis pain, stiff joints, low energy, diarrhea, and infertility. Moxa may be performed with or without acupuncture.